Privileged Access Security (PAS)

With remote working #WFH being the new norm, remote access has become vital for business continuum.

But worried about your Privileged Access Security?

    Challenges to overcome withPrivileged Access Security Solution

    • Lack of Security Resources
    • Threat Prioritization
    • Frequent Human Error
    • External Cyber Attacks
    • Unprotected Critical Assets

    Top Advantages of Privileged
    Access Security

    • Traceability
    • Managed Human and Non-human Entities
    • Cybersecurity As a Service
    • Protection From Unauthorized Access
    • Improved Stakeholder Confidence

    Concerned about data breaches or potential thefts with remote user access to critical systems and applications?

    We understand that each application, automation tool & other non-human identity relies on privileged credentials to access sensitive resources. Also, application and IT environments can vary significantly – from highly dynamic, native cloud to largely static, legacy systems. The privileged credentials used by applications thus need to be secured regardless of the application type and IT environment.

    As a partner of Cyberark, the world’s #1 cyber security solutions provider and global leader in Privileged Access Security, Techcloudpro can help implement Cyberark’s Application Access Manager in the most cost-effective, secure and seamless manner.


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