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Our unique sourcing methodology ensures that we find the right talent for you every single time. We provide staffing solutions specialized in all leading technologies.

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    General Staffing

    Large and medium-scale organizations have multiple manpower requirements. Organizations have hiring needs for temporary/contract employees, on-time payroll, and compliance to be taken care of.

    Today, organizations require dependable and agile staffing partners to cater to multiple requirements, customized solutions designed as per need, and the ability to scale up or down as per requirements along with their nationwide network.

    We are recognized by our partner organizations for our highly responsive nature, performance-driven attitude & structured work process. Our customized solutions, ability to source active and passive candidates, and experience in handling bulk requirements make us an ideal partner for growth.

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    Contractual Staffing

    Contract and temporary staffing service is a cost-effective, time-based temp service solution for a company’s manpower needs which involves recruiting temp/provisional staff who have the necessary skills and are willing to serve for a specified period. A professional staffing agency is usually hired to ensure that the recruitment process is smooth & error-free.

    Temp staffing allows an organization to have a flexible approach. It enables companies to occasionally opt for temporary workers for myriad reasons. This can vary from having to replace existing permanent members on temporary leave or form a team on an urgent basis for the execution of a seasonal project. Hence, It is extremely useful for an organization for completion & on-time delivery of on-demand, short-term, and seasonal projects. Another tremendous benefit of temp staffing is it allows organizations to test their hires before making a permanent commitment.

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    Permanent Staffing

    Permanent recruitment involves hiring candidates for long-term employment based on an organization’s specific requirements. Permanent recruitment focuses on hiring highly qualified and talented candidates that are willing to grow with the organization & in accordance with its rules, beliefs & vision. Permanent employees are well-versed in their skills, thoroughly tested & loyal. As a result, the organisation reaps benefits by acquiring a dependable skilled employee.

    At Phelix IT Solutions, we focus on offering you quality staffing permanent solutions, so that your need for the optimum organizational fit is fulfilled here. We go up & beyond, keep ourselves updated on the ongoing of the Permanent recruitment industry, and are aware of the global and local salary brackets. We provide you with an honest answer on ongoing career expectations, available skill-sets, and the daily hiring complexities. We ensure you find as perfect a candidate fit as possible & pave the way to reach them, we ensure the candidate is onboard on time to map with your hiring calendar – even the most hard-to-find, passive, and selective candidates.

    Bringing together the right talent to the right company, within the cost & time frame is our specialty.


We’re excited to show you all of the ways working with Phelix IT Solutions will be an incredible experience that leads to exceptional results!

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